You Can Still Have a Baby Even If You Have Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is a very difficult health condition, one in which your body is unable to digest the sugar in food which in turn gets into the blood stream, causing dangerous  health problems. Today, with dieting, regular exercising and meditation, you can keep diabetes under control. In order to keep sugar level in check not only must you avoid sugary foods but also be calm as stress it takes a   toll on body sugar levels. That is why it is essential to do mind calming techniques so that there is always focus of mind and concentration.

Having Baby with Type 2 Diabetes

You might have got diabetes when you were very young and as a result, don’t know what to do as you are still in a childbearing age. Don’t let the worry of having this problem come in the way of getting a baby because today with advances in medical science it is possible to have a baby even if you are having diabetes. You can take mediation, go on a diet program and do exercises that help to keep sugar level in control prior to, during and after pregnancy. However in order to deliver the baby safely you have to visit a doctor and discuss in detail about the situation six months prior to pregnancy.

Maintain Blood sugar correctly!

Before you conceive, it is vital to visit the gynecologist to find out what your blood sugar level is and how to maintain it correctly. The doctor will give instructions on what diet to follow and what foods must be avoided. It is vital to do exercises as this will keep glucose levels under control. Check on what type of physical activities and exercises can be done when pregnant, so that you can do them, keep yourself active, healthy and fit.

Your weight must also be in check as getting pregnant with diabetes when you are obese lead to miscarriage.  This particular point more than anything else stresses on the fact that it is vital to visit a doctor before getting pregnant as you can  learn how to lose weight, bring your body to normal shape and then get into having a bay, which proves to be beneficial for both you and the  child.

One of the prime things to be concerned about is how diabetes is affecting conception. Women who have it are at the risk of polycystic ovaries which make ovulation difficult. Hence it is vital to take medicating that stimulates it so that pregnancy can occur.

Plan a good Diet chart with a Dietician!

One of the key things to look into is the kind of foods that have to be taken. You might want to indulge in some favorite foods due to cravings at this time, but the reality is that only that item can be eaten which has does not have sugar. You have to sit with a dietician and plan out what items can be take for breakfast, lunch and dinner and what should be avoided. This part of managing pregnancy with diabetes is very important as it directly affect whether or not you can carry out the pregnancy to full term. If your blood sugar levels become high due to foods that enhance sugar, there are more chances of a miscarriage.

Get A Kit And Check Sugar Levels Regularly!

A key point that has to be checked is the blood sugar level throughout your pregnancy. You can get a kit that helps check the level whenever you want. It is vital to do exercising so that sugar is always under control. Check with the doctor on what type of exercise routine can be followed and how to do them, whether they can be done at home or if you need the guidance of an instructor. By staying physically active, your baby delivery is easy and blood sugar is always normal, which reduces the risk of miscarriage.

Check what type of sugar medication can be taken during the pregnancy period. It may be possible for certain types of tablets to be taken while others cannot. You might be told not to take any tablet at all and keep blood sugar under control through diet and exercise. In such situations, the doctor will advice on how to carry this out and you have to follow it strictly so that a healthy baby is delivered at the end of the pregnancy term.

Avoid Alcohol!

Many women have the habit of smoking and taking alcohol, which will complicate a pregnancy with diabetes. Such habits should be avoided at all cost as only then can normal fetal development take place. Tobacco and alcohol have toxins which are completely safe for the baby and they are detrimental to its growth. Adding to this is the diabetes complications at which the pregnancy is at risk. So while taking step to control sugar levels, you should also initiate actions to avoid cigarette or drinks.